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Our Juniors Triathlon Academy provides families with a one stop shop triathlon destination. Our junior athletes will have the luxury of performing all their SWIM - BIKE - RUN sessions under one roof. We strive to provide a stress free, safe and productive environment for both our junior athletes and parents a like. 

Strategically located 500m away from Meydan's 10km loop for our teenage athletes to enjoy; BR program will include brick sessions, Bike-Run along with Swim-Bike giving athletes of all levels the opportunity to maximise our programs benefits. The WellFit Venue also offers our team the opportunity to organise interclub race simulation and multi-sport races; giving our athletes the confidence and training as they build up towards joining official events. 

BR Triathlon’s Junior Academy curriculum is a blend between the ITU, AUS Triathlon and UK Triathlon federation curriculums.  This offers the advantage of a best-in-class program that can uniquely be applied for the differentiated abilities of each student. Adopting a blend between different curriculums along with BR’s own coaching experience; Our Junior athletes will see both quick progression along with gaining both confidence and passion for the sport.

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Coach Melina is a well-known and respected member of the UAE triathlon community, as an athlete, a coach and a volunteer! She’s a 4 times full Ironman finisher and has completed the famous triathlon 70.3 distance over 15 times including the World Championships in Nice in 2019. 
As an active triathlete, a busy mum to three active girls and a coach, she is well aware of the commitment required to progress within sport. She loves working with people and is passionate about making the sport more readily accessible to everyone and places the coach-athlete relationship at the heart of her coaching. She has been involved in the Women for Tri program for three years and has worked with National Female Triathlon Team of Saudi Arabia. 

BSc (HONS) Sport & Exercise Science, MSc Sport Science, MPhil Sport Psychology (coaching in youth sport)

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