Look better, feel better, PERFORM better! BR's functional strength training program works on real life, every day as well as sport specific movement patterns. 

Is functional training for you? 



Functional strength training works on real life, every day as well as sport specific movement patterns. Whether your goals is to develop athletic performance, build muscle or lose weight; following a functional strength training program will do so while respecting your natural movement patterns.

There are 7 fundamental movement patterns which form the basis of your training program


"Functional strength training focuses on exercising several muscles and joints together rather than working a particular muscle or group of muscles independently, resulting in an individual being able to perform daily activities with greater ease"

American Council of Exercise (ACE)

When the movement patterns you practice in the gym mimic the movements you perform in your sport and everyday life; you become stronger, more efficient, and can literally slow down the clock on age-related muscle breakdown while greatly reducing your risk of injury!


Most common PT programs used today follow the conventional body building philosophy of training isolated muscles vs movement patterns. Often leaving you bulky, stiff and injury prone.


Strength training yields positive benefits on sports performance when properly executed.  Not only can it reduce the risk for injury, but it also increases an athlete's strength, power, endurance, mobility, and stability.

BR's unique system "BR STAGES" works to develop athletes of all levels by building a solid foundation working on fundamental movements, expanding the athletes range of skills and movement variations to finally working with advanced athlete on performance and specialized programs. 

BR Sports specific S&C programs can be done: 1 on 1 or semi private training groups where you and other athletes train together while still respecting your very own bespoke training program.



BR Coaches have taken a system build for athletic development and adapted it to help everyday fitness enthusiasts and beginners be more functional. 


Being more functional allows you to live a more healthy, injury and pain free lifestyle, perform daily activities more easily and power through your day with more ENERGY!

New clients all start their program with a FREE assessment + consultation. Your coach will analyze and report on any weaknesses and/or muscle imbalances you may have before safely getting you started on a bespoke training plan. 

Online Strength Coaching

Our online strength training program give you the opportunity to walk around with a BR coach in your pocket! Get fully personalized and customized strength programs to be performed at your convenience and on your own schedule.

Your program will includes

Personalized strength program
Instant messaging
Customized demo videos
Performance & goal tracking



The GET LEAN plan is a proven system of training aimed to improve body composition by targeting stubborn fat. We focus on 4 key pillars:  1) strength training 2) cardio respiratory training 3) nutrition 4) recovery.

In the process of training, you will reduce your fat percentage, increase strength, improve aerobic capacity and improve your overall fitness. 

We offer two types of training: 1 on 1 personal training and semi private training where you and your friends can work out together in a group setting with a personal program which includes a mix of free weights, cardio and mobility. You will also receive a personalized nutrition plan to complement your training program. In addition, all GET LEAN clients get unlimited access to our smart group classes.


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