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No two athletes are the same, therefore, no two athletes could benefit from the same training program. We all have our own unique goals, it’s our job to get you the bespoke training plan needed for you to crush them.


But that’s not enough; at BR we go one step further. Our athletes have access to a team of professionals eager to make you swim, bike or run to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, how can you maximize the benefit of a fancy online program without refining your swim stroke? Running gate? cycling mechanics? Or Strength?


Don’t settle for just a coach – Choose TEAM BR

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ONLINE COACHING: Expect a tailor made training program which your personal coach will adapt & adjust weekly. BR coaching programs are open to all levels; beginners to age group competitors looking to take their performance to the next level. Take advantage of having one of our performance coaches in your corner. Get access to our daily training sessions, receive weekly check ins if needed followed by monthly meetings & performance feedback sessions. (AED 900/month)


BR PERFORMANCE MEMBERSHIP: Our signature endurance coaching membership which provides athletes with all the tools needed to perform at their very best. Being big advocates of specific strength training our Performance package includes a) a bespoke online program b) sport specific semi-private strength training c) access to our indoor cycling studio. (AED 1,800/month)

ONLINE COACHING (PREMIUM): For the athletes that don’t want to leave a single detail overlooked. Advised for athletes to take advantage of 3-4 months before their A race. You will have full access to our outdoor coached sessions to refine your swim/bike/run skills. Receive daily feedback and program adaptation as needed along with constant training zone adaptation to ensure you are always training in the correct zone. Receive nutrition and recovery guidelines along with a pre-race briefing and strategy. (AED 1,500/month)

TRAINING PLAN: Do you have a race in mind, looking for a structured program to achieve your goal? For those who have experience in the sport, do not require a full time coach this is for you. Your will receive a detailed 12 week plan bespoke to you and your goal (excluding coaching) for only AED 600.

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Cancelation Policy:

  • Cancelation fee due for early termination; equivalent to 1 month coaching membership fee (AED 900).

  • Cancelation after the 6-month period can be done anytime with 1 month notice.

  • After the duration of the contract is complete, the athlete will renew monthly. 

  • Athlete can switch between BR 'Performance package' & BR 'online coaching' at any time with 1 month notice.