Experience outdoor cycling indoors with dubai's only smart indoor cycling studios. Our classes are power based, using your FTP - Functional Threshold Power (Cycling fitness) as a reference to personalize your session; making every workout count. Our smart bikes allows for a complete beginner to workout alongside an ultimate pro while following your very own metrics.


BR Bootcamp classes are all HR zone based to ensure that members are working in the correct metabolic state to maximize results. Enjoy watching your effort level on the screen; get instant feedback of your results and track your progress. We offer 2 types of classes; Assault & Sculpt.


ASSAULT classes are designed to make you sweat, burn fat and build endurance. Using the science based method HIIT focusing on shorter intervals. Expect to feel the burn as you watch your heart rate rise.

SCULPT classes are build around strength training and conditioning using weight training and functional equipment. Looking to build strength and lean muscle without getting that bulky bodybuilding look; this class is for you. 


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